Faithful Father


“Faithful Father” Musical CD of worship songs $10



Lovingly dedicated to three special fathers, the HEAVENLY FATHER, Rita’s EARTHLY FATHER (J. M. Wood), and the FATHER OF RITA’S THREE DAUGHTERS (Lloyd), this special CD includes 10 beautiful songs: (1) Even the Praise Comes from You, (2) He’s Been Faithful, (3) Oh, I Want to Know You More, (4) Great is Thy Faithfulness, (5) Safe Within Your Arms, Lord, (6) Unshakeable Kingdom, (7) My Soul Desire, (8) Softly and Tenderly, (9) Everything to Me, (10) Come to Jesus. It is Rita’s prayer that as you hear these songs, you will worship a faithful and loving Father. She trusts you will reflect on His past work in your life, experience His peace in your present circumstance and find hope in knowing He is already in your future.