I am always very open to any theme you may choose for an event. I love researching the Word on subjects and themes and would be happy to write something new for your event. However, I do offer several presentations you might be interested in having for your event. You will find those listed below.

Monologues:These are 40-50 minute monologues Rita has written and performs in costume.  They are based on scripture, use information discovered in research, along with imagination.




Hagar – Click for Sample Video 

Ruth – Click for Sample Video

Samaritan Woman at the Well

Jochebed (the mother of Moses)

Mary, the Mother of Jesus – Click for Sample Video

Mary of Bethany

Mary Magdalene

The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Presentations for One Session Only:

Clothed in Christ – Click for Sample Video

Filling Our Cup With Joy – Click for Sample Video 1Click for Sample Video 2

In His Glory

For the Glory of Your Name

Power in the Potter’s Hands

The Bride of Christ

Our Favorite Things


Hats Off!

Living a Balanced Life

Passing the Torch

Service With a Smile

Who’s the Boss?

A Day in the Garden of God

Christmas Presentations:

Elizabeth (monologue)

Jingle All the Way

A Star Is Born

Musical Magnificat

Bearing Gifts

The Innkeeper’s Wife (monologue)

Other Holiday Presentations:

Rita can do other holiday presentations for Easter, Mother’s Day,

Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

Call for more information

Weekend Presentations:

Letting Go (Jochebed’s story, the Mother of Moses) – Click for Sample Video 1 – Click for Sample Video 2

Ruth’s Story…A Loyal Love – Click for Sample Video

At the Feet of Jesus (Mary of Bethany) – Click for Sample Video

Get on Board or Drown

Well, It’s About Time – Click for Sample Video 1 – Click for Sample Video 2

Loving Him, Them and Me – Click for Sample Video 1 – Click for Sample Video 2

Dying of Thirst (Samaritan Woman at the Well) – Click for Sample Video

Mother/Daughter Retreats:

Leaving a Legacy of…Faith, Family, and Friends

Purity…Being Found Favored by God!

Both of these weekend events offer a separate session with MOMS ONLY!