I am always very open to any theme you may choose for an event. I love researching the Word on subjects and themes and would be happy to write something new for your event. However, I do offer several presentations you might be interested in having for your event. You will find those listed below.

Monologues:These are 40-50 minute monologues Rita has written and performs in costume.  They are based on scripture, use information discovered in research, along with imagination.






Samaritan Woman at the Well

Jochebed (the mother of Moses)

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Mary of Bethany

Mary Magdalene

The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Presentations for One Session Only:

Clothed in Christ

Filling Our Cup With Joy

In His Glory

For the Glory of Your Name

Power in the Potter’s Hands

The Bride of Christ

Our Favorite Things


Hats Off!

Living a Balanced Life

Passing the Torch

Service With a Smile

Who’s the Boss?

A Day in the Garden of God

Christmas Presentations:

Elizabeth (monologue)

Jingle All the Way

A Star Is Born

Musical Magnificat

Bearing Gifts

The Innkeeper’s Wife (monologue)

Other Holiday Presentations:

Rita can do other holiday presentations for Easter, Mother’s Day,

Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

Call for more information

Weekend Presentations:

Letting Go (Jochebed’s story, the Mother of Moses)

Ruth’s Story…A Loyal Love

At the Feet of Jesus (Mary of Bethany)

Get on Board or Drown

Well, It’s About Time

Loving Him, Them and Me

Dying of Thirst (Samaritan Woman at the Well)

Mother/Daughter Retreats:

Leaving a Legacy of…Faith, Family, and Friends

Purity…Being Found Favored by God!

Both of these weekend events offer a separate session with MOMS ONLY!