At the Feet of Jesus


“At the Feet of Jesus” (Mary of Bethany) DVD Teaching Presentation



In the first session, of a three session event, Rita presents a 35 minute monologue as the Biblical character, Mary of Bethany. She tells the story of Mary’s journey of bravery in coming to Christ. She re-tells the Biblically based events found in the gospels: her listening at His feet, her struggle to understand the death of her brother, Lazarus, and the complete joy in his resurrection, and then finally, her need to lovingly express her gratitude as she anointed the feet of her Lord. The monologue concludes with Rita’s daughters: Mary Megan, Molly, and Shelby singing and acting the closing song, Alabaster Box. The second and third sessions, Rita speaks to the contemporary woman on Listening at the Feet of Jesus and Loving at the Feet of Jesus and how we can apply Mary’s life story to our own we write each day.


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