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“Inn Keeper’s Wife” NEW! $10

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to live in Bethlehem during the birth of Jesus Christ? Have you thought about what an average woman may have been doing during that time? What were her activities as she prepared for the time for the census?

This monologue allows us to peek in her world and discover it was very parallel to ours. She experienced pressures, deadlines, duties, and decisions while searching for God and waiting on Him to deliver a Promise. Prayerfully, this is a fresh way of viewing the night that changed the world.



“Faithful Father” Musical CD of worship songs $10

Lovingly dedicated to three special fathers, the HEAVENLY FATHER, Rita’s EARTHLY FATHER (J. M. Wood), and the FATHER OF RITA’S THREE DAUGHTERS (Lloyd), this special CD includes 10 beautiful songs: (1) Even the Praise Comes from You, (2) He’s Been Faithful, (3) Oh, I Want to Know You More, (4) Great is Thy Faithfulness, (5) Safe Within Your Arms, Lord, (6) Unshakeable Kingdom, (7) My Soul Desire, (8) Softly and Tenderly, (9) Everything to Me, (10) Come to Jesus. It is Rita’s prayer that as you hear these songs, you will worship a faithful and loving Father. She trusts you will reflect on His past work in your life, experience His peace in your present circumstance and find hope in knowing He is already in your future.



“Letting Go!” (Mother of Moses) DVD Teaching Presentation $20



NEW!! Witness the story of Jochebed, the mother of Moses, in the newest monologue written by Rita. Has your past and the experiences of your childhood ever assisted you in making a huge decision? Have you ever wondered why a loving God would bring you to a crossroad and silently wait for your response? Have you struggled with the realization that you must release someone you love dearly and trust the invisible hand of God to hold them for you? This presentation will show that ultimately, we must all surrender our will, our desire to control, and even surrender our desire to protect into the invisible hand of God. He kept Jochebed’s baby alive and that basket afloat! He can do the same for us!



“Ruth’s Story…A Loyal Love” DVD Teaching Presentation $ 20



Step back in time with Rita as she presents the story of Ruth in a dramatic monologue she has written. Ruth experiences young love, infertility, leaving home, deep friendships, arriving in a new place, starting over, working hard, a second chance, and motherhood! Through it all, her loyalty to God is most evident. HIS loyalty to HER….even more! There are 2 teaching sessions included that assist in tying the New Testament teachings to the Old Testament story. May you see her life and your own in a new light!



“At the Feet of Jesus” (Mary of Bethany) DVD Teaching Presentation $ 20



In the first session, of a three session event, Rita presents a 35 minute monologue as the Biblical character, Mary of Bethany. She tells the story of Mary’s journey of bravery in coming to Christ. She re-tells the Biblically based events found in the gospels: her listening at His feet, her struggle to understand the death of her brother, Lazarus, and the complete joy in his resurrection, and then finally, her need to lovingly express her gratitude as she anointed the feet of her Lord. The monologue concludes with Rita’s daughters: Mary Megan, Molly, and Shelby singing and acting the closing song, Alabaster Box. The second and third sessions, Rita speaks to the contemporary woman on Listening at the Feet of Jesus and Loving at the Feet of Jesus and how we can apply Mary’s life story to our own we write each day.




“Clothed in Christ” DVD Teaching Presentation $10



Taken from Colossians 3, this presentation visually demonstrates, with the aid of a mannequin, “taking off the old self and putting on the new self.” The mannequin is “stripped” garment by garment to communicate our need to rid ourselves of ungodly traits, then is re-clothed in Godly garments Christ paid for us to wear when He died for us on the cross. This humorous, yet serious, self-examination includes many true to life illustrations, as well as two solos by Rita.




“Mary, the Mother of Jesus” DVD Monologue Presentation $10



This presentation begins with the angel appearing to a young Mary in her home revealing God’s plan for her to be the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her conversation includes memories of Jesus’ birth, early childhood, leaving home, miracles He performed, His crucifixion and resurrection. Woven into the monologue are suggestions for the contemporary woman in dealing with like situations. Scripture is quoted and songs are sung a capella.





“Fill My Cup, Lord” DVD Teaching Presentation $10



Are you feeling empty? Are the demands on your life draining you of joy? How do you fill your life with the abundance and joy that Jesus promises for us? Unfortunately, we look in all the wrong places for it. This presentation examines the temptation we all have to pour ourselves into relationships, jobs, education, addictions, and even church activities in an attempt to fill our lives with satisfactions. The reminder is offered to us that only through our relationship with Jesus Christ can we find true fulfillment and joy! We are visually led through this journey with a variety of cups and mugs representing the “empty” vessels of our lives.

“Standing on the Promises-Past, Present, and Future” DVD Teaching Presentation $20



This 3 session study focuses on the many promises of God. Session 1 discusses human broken promises and the promises made and kept by God in the past. Session 2 centers on promises for the present. Promises for the future is at the heart of Session 3. Standing on the promises helps us all to remember that “God is not going to break our hearts. He can’t; He loves us!” A special hand-made keychain is included as a special gift.





“Well, It’s About Time” DVD (set) Teaching Presentation $20



Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 is the setting of this unique 4 session study that includes Bible-based instructions for us to follow when attempting to make Godly choices in life. Each session is humorous at times and each includes a solo by Rita. Each session lasts about 40 minutes.






“Loving Him, Them & Me” DVD (set) Teaching Presentation $20



This 4 session study on Mark 12:30-31 includes how we are to love God, love others, and love ourselves. The first 2 sessions examine our love relationship to God one on one where the 10 commandments are closely examined. Session 3 highlights in very practical ways how women can love themselves better. It includes ways we can make daily changes in our habits and lifestyle. Session 4 ends with how to demonstrate the love of God to others more effectively. Two solos are sung throughout the presentation.






“Dying of Thirst” DVD (set) Teaching Presentation $20



What are you searching for? Do you feel ashamed of your past? Have you made mistakes that have distanced you from others? Do you feel alone? Are you wondering if there is something missing from your life? Are you frustrated with religious people who judge your every move? Do you feel like people know so much about you that you’ll never be accepted by them? Or, do you enjoy taking on the job of judging others and excluding those you regard as “beneath” you? Do you resist the concept of loving sinners who are struggling?
The story of the woman at the well touches on all of those issues. She tells her life story and then explains the unique personal moment when she met Jesus Christ and how their conversation at the well changed everything about her and eventually an entire community. Rita wrote this monologue as a tool to share the gospel in a fresh way and it is particularly good for the “unchurched.”




“Hagar” DVD (set) Teaching Presentation $20



Hagar set out on an adventure believing it would improve her life, but what was waiting for her would only bring her heartache and misery. She was so overwhelmed that she finally ran away. Her fearful steps would lead her straight into the heart of the desert, but God had a patch of shade prepared for her in advance. It was in that cool, quiet place that she would hear the voice of God. Do you ever wish to escape from the demands of your life? Are you overwhelmed? Are your problems mounting and you wish you could simply run away? Do you feel like you are in a desolate, dry place? Sit under the shade and allow this same God of Hagar calm you. Allow His presence to comfort you, and His instructions to strengthen you.