Dying of Thirst


“Dying of Thirst” DVD (set) Teaching Presentation



What are you searching for? Do you feel ashamed of your past? Have you made mistakes that have distanced you from others? Do you feel alone? Are you wondering if there is something missing from your life? Are you frustrated with religious people who judge your every move? Do you feel like people know so much about you that you’ll never be accepted by them? Or, do you enjoy taking on the job of judging others and excluding those you regard as “beneath” you? Do you resist the concept of loving sinners who are struggling?
The story of the woman at the well touches on all of those issues. She tells her life story and then explains the unique personal moment when she met Jesus Christ and how their conversation at the well changed everything about her and eventually an entire community. Rita wrote this monologue as a tool to share the gospel in a fresh way and it is particularly good for the “unchurched.”


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